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Synthetics Preferable to Premarin

by Stephen Rosenman, MD., F.A.C.O.G

After learning how Premarin is produced, I stopped prescribing the drug for my patients undergoing estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for menopause - related symptoms. In my experience, plant - derived synthetic ERT drugs are preferable to Premarin, and they do not contain the hidden ingredient of cruelty. The 100% plant derived synthetic I prescribe works just as well as Premarin. It contains 17 Beta Estrodiol, the natural estrogen that human females produce.

Premarin's estrogen, made from pregnant mare's urine, is not the same as that in humans. And, like all animal derived products, it shares the possible problem of inconsistency, while synthetics, produce in sterile, laboratory conditions, leave nothing to chance. Their ingredients are constant, always in the same concentration, and with out the impurities contained in animal waste.

In some markets synthetics can be more expensive, but wholesale prices of most common synthetic estrogen and Premarin are virtually identical. And as more doctors prescribe synthetics, these drugs can compete on equal footing.

It is my hope that we can move toward relying soley on ERT drugs that are not made from pregnant mare urine. To do this, we must speak up and demand the alternatives. Many doctors and patients do not know how Premarin is made and, upon learning the facts, are disgusted. It is our job to help them make a truly informed choice, and to send the producers of Premarin the message that deriving estrogen from horse urine is inhumane and unnecessary for human health. Please, choose not to take Premarin.

Common Non-Organic Estrogen Replacement Therapy Products in the U.S.

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