Who profit$ from the PMU horses?

Wyeth Inc.
President & CEO: Robert Essner
5 Giralda Farms
Madison, N.J. 07940-0874
Phone: 973.660.5000
Fax: 973.660.7026
Web Site:

Wyeth Inc. also manufactures:

Ambesol (oral analgesic)
Caltrate Plus (calcium supplement)
Centrum (vitamins)
Chap Stick (lip balm)
Clearblue Easy (pregnancy test)
Denorex (shampoo)
Dimetap (cold medicine)
Fibercon (laxative)
Orudis KT
Preparation H
Primatene (asthma relief)
Robitussin (cough medicine)
Quest dewormer / Fort Dodge
Bumble Bee tuna
Chef Boyardee
Crunch 'n' Munch
Dennison's chili
Goulden's mustard
Jiffy Pop Popcorn
PAM cooking spray
Polaner fruit spread
Wyeth Inc. subsidiaries

The producers of PMU/Premarin are:

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
President and CEO: Joseph M. Mahady
P.O. Box 8299
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Phone: 800.666.7248
Web Site:

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