U.S.D.A. Horse Slaughter Statistics

"...so that all horses and ponies may lead a
full and productive life, free from pain and abuse."

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HorseAid Horse Slaughter Stats for Calender Years 2002 and 1998 - 1985

(compiled by IGHA/HorseAid from verifiable USDA furnished data only)

All figures are to the nearest thousandth. USDA stats vary as much as 5,000 - 15,000 from year to year. IGHA/HorseAid listed data is based on verified averages in which we drop the highest figure, the lowest figure and average the remaining ones.

Unfortunately, the USDA stats (as required by Federal law) do not include the breed or type.

All of the above figures are from USDA licensed rendering plants and haulers bill of ladings, the total when factoring in "unlicensed" rendering plants, operations and haulers NOT furnishing bill of ladings to the USDA, add (at our most accurate accounting) about 10% - 20% to the above totals per calendar year across the board).

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